Monday May 14th 2012

Mitchell Street, Glasgow.


4 thoughts on “Monday May 14th 2012

  1. Strangely brilliant, and a bit spooky.
    Like the colour and the light but I will give you only one star because you never respond to a comment. Neither do you insult the pictures on my blog……
    Regards, John.

    • Jeez John, what do you want me to say? Yes I am strangely brilliant and a bit spooky! I like to photograph parking buildings and these days it’s very rare to find one that is full. I’ve had some interesting responses from the building attendants as well – I’ve been told I’m not allowed to take photographs because of terrorist threats, I’ve been told that it’s fine to take photographs and I even had one attendant ask if I was ok (he thought I was going to jump!).

  2. love the unusual tones, set off well with the moody sky and wet foreground, plus a spot of sunlight. Your typical West of Scotland weather.

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